Road Cargo Transportation

Road Cargo Transportation has several advantages:

•      it allows to bring the cargo to the definitely mentioned place,

•      the vehicle may be provided to the customer at any time, convenient for the latter (in contrast to air and sea cargo transportation),

•      road cargo transportation allows to choose the most convenient and shortest way of delivery.

These advantages are mainly important for delivering the cargo to long distances. Here the entire transportation process is represented:

•      acceptance of an application,

•      price calculation,

•      contract formation,

•      loading,

•      delivering the cargo to the mentioned place,

•      unloading,

•      payment

Every customer is important to us. We are glad to answer your any question on freight forwarding. We will certainly take into account the customer’s desire, related to vehicle choice.

The transportation cost is generally realized on an individual principle. Due to the flexible discount system, we are always ready to meet our customer halfway.

The implementation of transportation assumes the customer’s full awareness of the vehicle. As for the location of the truck and the condition of the load in any part of the road, in favour of our customers’ comfort, we are also giving an opportunity to control the movement of vehicles from their offices by means of the navigation system LOCATOR.AM, installed in our vehicles.

We assure you that we will take into consideration all your wishes, concerning to the orders of road cargo transportation.

“Trans Leader” is a dynamically developing company, which seeks to strengthen the leading position in the freight market in Armenia, for which the company name itself stands – “TRANS LEADER”.



The three-meter high tent is one of the most required trucks for comparatively shorter distances. First of all the truck is suitable for loading any type of cargo due to the circumstance, that the tent cover is removed easily, and usually the cargo in the tent stays dry in any weather.

                                                                         REFRIGERATED TRUCK/ FRIGO

Refrigerated trucks are refrigeration semi-trailers, equipped with the most modern technologies with a thermal insulating system and a refrigeration unit which allow to maintain the indicated temperature during the whole way. Refrigerated trucks irreplaceable for the transportation of perishable products.

                                                                                 Consolidated cargoes

At the moment it is a rather required service to transport consolidated cargoes by means of road cargo transportation. This type of freight forwarding has many advantages. It is very suitable for transportation of small shipments, as in this case the customer does not have to order a complete vehicle. We are ready to take your smallest load.

We will calculate any shipment price for you. You can send your price requests in an application form to our e-mail:, as well as you can contact our manager by Skype and by the mentioned telephone numbers: 010 40 10 40, 077 20 55 64.

We will answer to any question, you are interested in.