Customs brokerage services

Custom formalities are a field of rather special activities of logistics business. They suppose direct working with the customs authorities in the sphere of legal regulations. Very often it is quite difficult to organize the customs formalities inside the organization because they demand hard work and financial resources. This is why many companies turn to the customs broker’s help. The customs broker is a person of the Republic of Armenia, who performs his activities related to customs formalities and customs control on the basis of a license granted in accordance with the law, as well as acts on the instructions of carriers of goods and on his behalf. According to the RA Law on Licensing, the customs broker’s license is given by a simple procedure by the RA Ministry of Finance and Economy. The legal relationship between the customs broker and the person he represents shall be regulated by the RA Civil Code and the agreement, signed between them. The customs broker shall be entitled to perform any activities associated with the fulfillment of the customs formalities, as well as other activities with respect to the customs affairs upon authorization and at the expenses of the person he represents. Only a citizen of the Republic of Armenia, having qualification of an expert on customs affairs in accordance with the procedure established by the RA State Revenue Ministry order number 02/1508 of December 5, 2000 “On the ensuring of the requirements of articles 70, 96 point 2, 117 of the RA Customs Code” shall fulfill customs formalities on behalf of the customs agent. The information provided by a customer for customs purposes shall be used by customs agents and customs officers exclusively for customs purposes. State, bank, trade and official secrets shall not be subject to disclosure or used by customs agents or officers in their interests or in the interests of a third party. The said information shall not be supplied to a third party including the State bodies, except for the cases stipulated by the legislation in force.